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“I’ll never know for sure who or what I might have been or would have been if I had been born in Connecticut or Detroit, but I am now sure that I am who I am in large measure because I was born in ‘Home Seeker’s Paradise’ and lived a Southern-fried childhood, complete with horses and healers and heathens and whores and flawed parents who loved me both too much and not enough.”
~Jimmie Meese Moomaw

Jimmie Meese Moomaw’s Southern Fried Child In Home Seeker’s Paradise comes in four formats: hardcover, paperback, e-book, and audio book. There are a number of options available for purchasing the book.

Signed and personalized copies may be purchased through SouthernStories.com.

The book can also be ordered through various online retailers.

Signed copies of Southern Fried Child In Home Seeker’s Paradise may also be purchased directly from the author at book signings at libraries, chapter meetings, book clubs, etc. Check the “Schedule & Announcements” tab for upcoming events.