About Jimmie

“You might be tempted to believe the Gothic characters you see in the movies with the bad, bad Southern accents are the products of the alcohol-induced dementia of failed novelists turned B-movie screenwriters, but the South I grew up in was peopled with characters like Lola in “An Epitaph for Lola and Fonnie.” They walked into and out of my Daddy’s little country grocery store and service station every day of the week. People like them were the stuff of Truman’s and Tennessee’s and Willie’s and Eudora’s fiction. They were the stuff of my everyday life and reality.”

jimmie meese moomawJimmie Meese Moomaw was “born and raised” in Brookhaven, Mississippi. Named by her Daddy eighteen years before she was born, she grew up as the only child of alcoholic parents in the Deep South during the 1940s and 50s. Though she left Mississippi in the 60s to go to graduate school, she never lost touch with her Southern roots. Moomaw taught communication courses on the college and university level for forty years. Now retired from teaching, she is a political consultant, writer, and popular public speaker living in Salisbury, NC.